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Tabatha Lionheart wears a burnt orange and charcoal striped suit.

Who even is Lionheart?

Tabatha Lionheart is a queer artist inspired by bodies in movement and the natural world.

"It is archaic to me that we continue to have such a strict binary regarding clothing. As a non-binary person, the current male/female binary makes for an uncomfortable shopping experience. I want to play a small part in dismantling the binary conventions that exist in the fashion industry.

As an artist, I am interested in exploring different mediums and subverting artistic conventions. Rather than valorising art placed behind glass and upon a wall, I want to create art for everyday people that can be appreciated everyday through the simple act of getting dressed."

Lionheart, the Label offers all humans, particularly queer, trans and gender diverse people, and their allies, a genderless shopping experience. With hand-drawn illustrations turned into digital designs, the garments and accessories are made to order using recycled and organic fabrics, and manufactured using ethical and sustainable practices. 

              Thank you for your support!

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